Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Pick a Theme

You only celebrate your birthday once a year. Why not make it special one, especially for your children. I know the importance of making each year better than the last. It is their turn to be surrounded by their friends and family, everyone singing "Happy Birthday" to them, smiling, just staring with amazement at the cake in front of them. The look is priceless that makes any parent melt.

They grow up so quickly, changing before your eyes. Their tastes also change as we know so frequently. One minute they love Barbie, the next Hannah Montana.

For the next couple of weeks, I will devote my blog on theme cakes. I get most of my inspiration on how to decorate a cake from an invitation, party supplies like a pretty plate or napkin set, baby bedding for a shower cake, or even where the party is being held at. The ideas are endless.

For this Hannah Montana Cake, the client purchased the edible image online ahead of time and I worked the decoration around the image. I incorporated the swirls from the top of the image to the sides of the cake. I also made use of different shades purple, teal and light blue.

I made guitar butter cookies for favors that matched.

Brendan's birthday is October 24 and when he turned 2, he loved Shrek. I made him these cookies as favors for his birthday. They don't make a Shrek cookie cutters so I cut them by hand. What you would do for those you love.

Think out of the box, anything is possible.

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