Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Death By Chocolate

This cake is not for the faint or weak of heart.

I baked a simple single layer chocolate sheet cake. Then, I cut it into thirds to make a three layer cake. It should be in a shape of a box as pictured. Fill it with your favorite fudge icing recipe. A softened whipped ganache filling would be even more decadent.

I freeze the cake a little to allow it to set up. Icing a recently filled fudge cake can be difficult. Once set, ice the sides and top with more fudge icing. Not too much. You want to cover with enough icing to allow sheets or rectangles of chocolate fondant to stick to the sides of cake. I rolled it out with the same measurements of the sides of my cake. I do make it about 1/4 inch taller than the cake. I allow the fondant to dry over night at room temperature before I place it on the sides of the cake.

Note: You can also use chocolate plastic, which is made up of chocolate and light corn syrup.
Look for the chocolate plastic recipe in the near future, along with a demonstration on chocolate rose making and much more.

The chocolate fondant should be placed on the cake the day you are going to serve the cake. When you refrigerate fondant for a long period of time, it gets soft from the moisture of your refrigerator causing it to droop or sag.

Tie the cake with a ribbon of your choice, such as red for Valentines Day. Top the cake with 1 pound of your favorite chocolate candies or truffles. I used Fannie Mae Chocolate. Look at those Trinidads. They're calling me. Yum!

To serve, remove chocolate candies as you cut with a hot wet knife. I typically place one piece of chocolate on each cake serving. If you prefer a smaller version of this cake, try making a 6 inch cake for two. After all, chocolate is an aphrodisiac.

This will serve many people because of its richness. This is a luxury gift for anyone you know who is the die hard chocolate lover.

Man cannot live on chocolate alone; but woman sure can.

Viva Chocolat!

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