Wednesday, February 11, 2009

"Pretty in Pink" Barn

I made this for my niece Ava's 1st birthday. We had to make it pretty in pink for the sweet birthday girl. The party was held at the Cosley Zoo in Wheaton, Illinois. The party room was on the second floor of an actual barn filled with animals which gave inspiration to this themed cake.

Most the work for this cake went into the assorted farm animal butter cookies. These edible decorations made the cake even more tastier. I stayed with soft pastel colors to coordinate with cake. I made plenty because I knew they would be extra popular with all the kids. They grabbed and go.

I used 10 inch square cakes for the barn and rounded the corners to create the roof. I combed the sides of barn to make it look like wood and stacked 6 inch cakes to create a silo.

Keep in mind, you can get creative ideas for a theme just on your party place or where the party is being held.

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