Thursday, February 19, 2009

Popular Baby Shower Cakes

I have been doing a ton of baby shower cakes within the last year. These seem to be the most requested.
I used the petal #104 tip to pipe ruffles along side and top of bassinet. I trimmed the cake with the round #3 tip to create a lace effect and finished with a small bead border. I figure piped a little stuff animal, such as teddy bear or bunny, as if it was delicately placed there just for baby. I added a pretty floral spray in assorted colors as well as a fondant blanket which looks so lifelike. It is not visible to the eye, but I used edible white pearls with the carefully piped drop strings. The baby's named could written on the blanket for a personal touch.
For the yellow bassinet cake, sweet bunnies were the theme. We stayed with gender neutral colors because the sex of the baby was not known. Notice the petite carrots piped around the cake. This cake was also made up of carrot cake with cream cheese filling. Clever, huh!
This was the first time I decorated a baby carriage cake. I look back and think to myself I could do it a little different, but it is on the road to perfection. The wheels are made with doughnuts dipped in pink icing. I wanted to keep it entirely edible. The handles are constructed with large wooden dowels and then covered with fondant. I am surprisingly pleased how it came out for my first attempt.

Look for updated versions of these popular baby shower cakes in the near future.

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