Monday, April 27, 2009

Girly Pirate Ship

For my niece Ava's 4th birthday she had to have a pirate ship cake. Of coarse I had to give her one. How could I say no to her, she's so cute!Now when you are making a pirate ship cake for a little girl the only real request it has to be PINK!

I bought a package of toy pirates and sea animals and place them on and around the cake. I didn't overdo it with the toys because I thought it would be too much. Ava loved moving the pirates to different parts of the cake.

Her favorite was this girl pirate. Perfect, right?

I found this image of a girl skull and crossbones off the Internet and made a flag. The sails I cut out of pretty scrapbook paper that matched the cake and was double sided.

I hope I made her birthday extra special!

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